How we can rescue your teeth and re-build your mouth & smile


No matter what your dental state, it is possible to rebuild your teeth

No matter how bad or broken down……

No matter how many are missing……

This is a bold statement but it is true.

But the most important question is, what’s right for you?

The very first thing we do is talk to you about re-building your teeth; it’s essential to find out what you want.

It’s true that many patients can be nervous.  Many have had bad experiences, which were painful, were usually unsuccessful and haven’t given them what they wanted.

By and large every patient has a story as to why they eventually arrived at SPD we expect the same to apply to you, but by working hand in hand with you, we will give you back the smile you deserve.

After your initial consultation, we’ll agree a plan, you’ll know how many visits you’ll need to make, how long the treatment will take and what to expect at the end of it.

The surroundings at SPD are different from any dental practice you’ve ever visited before, this means that the transition from disorder to order is relaxed and 100% predictable.

You’ll receive a friendly welcome and stress-free visits

No pain

Perfect, healthy, natural & beautiful results, with a 100% guarantee of success.

These are video testimonials given by patients.

  1. Muriel had a partial plate for years with no chewing teeth on one side.  She also had a baby tooth in the front, which was broken and several broken and twisted teeth. Over several visits we worked towards our “blue-print” of fully fixed teeth to rebuild her teeth without the need for implants.
  2. Ann had suffered broken front teeth several years before coming to see me.  Nobody     had been able to give her back her teeth and she ended up with an uncomfortable plate and no ability to bite.  This was despite seeing experts at a top UK dental hospital. Over several visits, we stablilised her bite and gave her back fixed teeth.  No need for implants.  We kept the teeth and made her comfortable.  That was 8 years ago and now she needs only hygiene and check-ups.
  3. Angie had visited a dentist who suggested she have a cosmetic dental make-over.  This was where her troubles began.  She ended up with unhealthy gums that had been violated, unable to bite and chew and  teeth that looked un-natural. Over 2 visits we removed the bad dental work and made fixed treatment plastic work to allow everything to heal naturally.  This gave her a comfortable bite instantly and we then finished off her treatment once she had finished her legal action against the cosmetic dentist. This was 10 years ago.  The video clip was from July 2013.  She comes in for hygiene and check-ups.  No need for anything else.
  4. Sue had avoided the dentist for 30 years!  A combination of fear of pain and fear of having teeth she did not like. Over a single visit we gave her back fixed teeth she was happy with.  Now her fears are gone and we can decide on how to manage her from now onwards. Giving her exactly what she wants.


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