When it comes to kids dental health, our focus is on prevention and health education, with the aim of our younger patients reaching adulthood without the need for fillings or other more in-depth dental work. To help with this, we recommend professional cleaning (hygiene) each time your child visits for a checkup.

Since many children find visiting the dentist a frightening or stressful experience, their most frequent contact at SDP for routine treatment will be with Fiona, our dental therapist. Fiona has extensive experience working with children and is a dab hand at creating a relaxed and happy environment. We recommend that your child visits Fiona regularly: they will learn how to take responsibility for their teeth, and how to look after them properly. Hygiene and prevention are integral to each visit. Working with a dental therapist in this way means that your child can maintain good dental health at a fraction of the usual cost.

Should your child require any specialist or more complex treatment, such a braces, Fiona will be able to identify this quickly, and refer them to the right member of our dental team.