SDP Blue
We recommend all our patients have an SDP Blue check-up every six months. Patients will meet with one of our senior qualified dental therapists, rather than a dentist. The therapist will check through all hygiene and health related matters that can affect a patient’s mouth and advise on the patient’s daily cleaning regime. Should any issues arise that require further investigation or treatment, our therapists can identify this early on, and refer the patient to one of our dentists, ensuring that they receive the right support, advice and treatment.

Six monthly SDP Blue check-ups will ensure that your mouth is kept healthy, issues that arise are identified early on, and treatment is targeted, quick and effective. It is also a cheaper and more effective way of keeping your mouth healthy than booking to see a dentist every six months, which may well not be necessary.

If you would like to book an SDP Blue check-up, please call the surgery and we will arrange this with you.