Individual Costs to Meet Your Needs….

Your treatment and fees designed and agreed individually with you.  Everybody will make choices for their treatment depending upon their circumstances and their preferences for the type of treatments available.

We offer a dental plan, which helps you spread the cost of your routine dental visits (check-ups and hygiene) throughout the year. Interest free finance is also available to help make treatment more affordable, with a staged repayment facility over a period of your choosing.

Rather than providing a long shopping-list of prices for all sorts of treatments that will make no sense to anybody but dentists, the most common questions regarding prices relate to your initial consultation and visits to the hygienist.

These questions are answered below along with a description of the treatment offered.

New Patient Consultation
When you join as a new patient we like to get to know your mouth properly.  This means we’ll talk to you about your dental history and any relevant medical conditions.

Then your mouth needs to be photographed using our X-Ray machine so that we can check the health and wellbeing of your teeth, gums and jawbone.

Finally, if any treatment is necessary we will discuss this with you and present all available options so that you feel in total control of your dental treatment.

Your investment for this consultation and to become a patient at Specialist Dental Partners is just £120. Please call us on 01763 261129 to book this.

Hygienist Consultation
Your visit to the dental hygienist will involve a thorough examination to make sure everything is in good shape, followed by a gentle cleaning to keep your mouth in tip-top condition.

If there are any spots you’re missing when you brush, your hygienist will let you know and explain how you might change your brushing technique a little to help you avoid problems with plaque later on.

Also, if you need some help to understand the best ways to brush your teeth, to use floss or other ways to clean between your teeth, the hygienist will help you out.

Each visit to the hygienist is an investment in your long-term dental health for just £65.