Sedation Dentistry-You’ll Hardly Remember A Thing!

Fear FreeNo matter how fearful you are of other dentists, you will feel completely at ease here.

First we’ll discuss the options available, including sedation, which makes your short visit here a breeze – really.  With sedation you will feel totally relaxed, calm and at ease, almost in a dream-like state.

If you have a gag reflex, sedation can be a huge help too.  Not only is the gag reflex uncomfortable, it can be very embarrassing and difficult to discuss.  The sedative we use totally supresses your gag reflex so that you can have treatment done that was previously very unpleasant or even impossible.

Of course there is more to making you comfortable than simply sedating you.  We also take the time to use a lip balm before your treatment so that your skin doesn’t dry out during the short session.  Many of our clients tell us this makes a huge difference to their comfort.

To find out more about sedation treatment or to book an appointment with Imran, our sedation practitioner , please call now on 01763 261129. Or get in touch using the form below.

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Alternatively if you would like to come and talk about your treatment, to find out more without booking a formal appointment, please just drop by and have a coffee and a chat sometime.