Root Canal Treatment

A patient who has a tooth that is getting darker in colour or if they are suffering from toothache, perhaps caused by an abscess, may need root canal treatment.

Those dreaded three words are often received cautiously by most patients due to the numerous ‘horror’ stories involving this type of treatment. However, the use of strong local anaesthetics and modern techniques make this type of treatment pain free, efficient and comfortable.

Root canal treatment allows us to render a tooth ‘nerve-free’. We use this technique when a tooth is very painful or infected, basically making it a ‘dead tooth’. The treatment is usually carried out over two appointments, but sometimes can be completed in one. If the treatment is performed on a molar tooth, we also usually recommend a crown to help strengthen it.

Root canal treatment aims to clear up any infection the patient might have and is often essential to ongoing dental and oral health.

Root canal treatment is not as scary as it sounds. Call us on 01763 261129 or pop in for a visit, we’ll be happy to talk you through it.