Looking After Your Gums Is Essential…

Periodontal Gum Treatment involves more in-depth cleaning and the use of advanced techniques that only dentists and specialists can offer. The goal is to help patients with more advanced gum disease, or those who have not responded to conventional hygiene treatment to maintain a healthy and stable mouth.

Persistent sore, swollen, red, or bleeding gums, as well as tooth pain or sensitivity and bad breath, are all warning signs of gum disease – a serious infection, which may lead to tooth loss as well as more serious health complications if left untreated.

At Specialist Dental Partners, we’re lucky to have our very own in-house gum treatment specialist, Monica Lee, who takes in-house referrals from dentists at the practice and also accepts external referrals from other dentists. Monica works closely with the dentists and hygienists to ensure the treatment and aftercare is delivered in a coordinated fashion to achieve the best possible outcome.

Your gums are very important! If you suspect you have gum disease, please come and chat to us about Periodontal Gum Treatment as soon as you can. To see Monica, please call 01763 261129