Hygiene Care


Seeing the Hygienist or Therapist is about much more than just a clean and polish!

Following years of research and practical evidence, it has been proven that regular hygiene care leads to a reduction in tooth decay and gum disease. On the strength of such evidence, we all need a regular reminder that we must keep on top of our oral health. So, while it’s lovely to leave the appointment with nice, clean, white teeth, the benefits of seeing the Hygienist are much more than this.

Because of her extended training, Fiona, our Dental Therapist can give local anaesthetic before scaling and gum treatments – because sometimes teeth are very sensitive.

And, with the maintenance programme, you are guaranteed regular hygiene appointments along with their checkups for a fixed cost spread over the year.

To keep your whole mouth in tip top condition and help prevent future treatment, call us on 01763 261129 to book an appointment with one of our Hygienists.