Dental Fillings


Fillings are necessary when teeth suffer from tooth decay, breakage, excessive wear, or are miss-shaped.

Clearly, if there is decay it is important to address the cause of decay. This prevention is a key part of our philosophy at Specialist Dental Partners. Our aim is to carry out the least possible treatment over your lifetime whilst maintaining a full and healthy set of teeth.

We have so many materials at our fingertips these days, which allow us to avoid the use of silver, tin, copper, mercury, or dental amalgam alloys – the mainstay of filling materials for over 100 years. Many people are anxious about the use of dental amalgam. Whilst no investigation has ever found any definite risk to health with this material (in fact the people most exposed to it – dental professionals – have lower incidences of the implicated diseases than the rest of the population) the public at large do not feel comfortable with this material.

We use a variety of materials, including glass ionomer cement, restorative resin composite, cast gold alloys, porcelain, and porcelain fused to precious metal. Each has their place and each has pros and cons. The best dental material is the one we grow ourselves – natural teeth. Therefore, we work together with our patients to prevent the need for fillings in the first place.

The size and extent of any filling is dictated by the size and extent of the decayed, broken or miss-shaped tooth.

If you suspect you might need a filling, call us as soon as possible on 01763 261129 to book an appointment with one of our dentists.