Reinforcement And Restoration of Teeth with Fixed Crowns 


At Specialist Dental Partners we believe the best teeth are our own.  But when these are destroyed by decay, gum disease, tooth grinding, trauma or bad dental care we can re-build something approaching nature at it’s best.

When it is too late for prevention and teeth need to be re-built, a crown or bridge may be necessary.  Well -made fixed Crown & Bridge is very durable and can correct many problems in one coordinated treatment.

A crown is placed on a tooth to reinforce it and prevent it splitting.  Or it is placed to rebuild a tooth that is too broken down to re-build with a filling.  At the same time as strengthening the tooth, we can correct the bite and restore its appearance to that of a tooth un-touched by decay or fillings.

Approximately 1.5mm is shaved from the outer surface of the tooth and a mould is made.  A temporary plastic crown is fitted onto the tooth in the waiting time required to make the final crown.  This is the same for bridge-work.

A crown can be made of gold, porcelain over gold or porcelain.  Once the accuracy of fit is confirmed and the bite (occlusion) is correct, it is glued on.

The following pictures illustrate what can be achieved with high standards of clinical and technical skill.

A good crown is never noticed or commented upon.

Can you tell which of these is a crown?

Download the PDFs to learn more about the work we can do for you at SDP: Crowns as a treatment (PDF)