Your First Visit….


When you come along to the practice for your consultation for the first time people are often nervous about the problems they feel they have with their teeth. Our first priority is to put you at ease, and then to fully understand what you really want to achieve. Frequently, you may be quite surprised at what we can do! These days, with state-of-the-art technology, we can achieve virtually any goal and give you healthy teeth and a nice, natural-looking smile.

Because many diseases that most people consider beyond the scope of a dentist show up first in the mouth, during your annual check up we not only look thoroughly at their teeth but we also use screening x-rays as part of a full gum health check, and we always perform an oral cancer screening.

For complex problems we’ll make x-rays of most or all of your teeth, and normally we’ll need to make models of the teeth to plan (and show you in advance!) exactly what can be achieved.

As part of our consultation programme, we also welcome patients who simply want a second opinion on a complex or expensive treatment they might be considering.

Every consultation is both unhurried and comprehensive. At the end of the consultation process, we want you to know and understand what the situation is and what can be done. Afterwards, we’ll send a written professional opinion and estimate of costs (if any). There will be NO hidden charges. What we say is our word!

Call us today on 01763 261129 to fix a time and date for your consultation.