Achieving a natural-looking smile after tooth loss is possible using traditional bridgework or more modern methods. It’s also extremely important! Tooth loss can cause the remaining teeth to change position and move into the spaces. The knock on effects are tissue damage in the mouth and it might also be hard to clean thoroughly between crooked teeth, which, of course, can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, eventually leading to more tooth loss.

The traditional option is the removable partial denture, which fills in the space caused by missing teeth. If made correctly, these can last for years and be very comfortable, whilst replacing the missing teeth discretely.

Fixed bridgework is another answer to getting a good-looking smile back. Like road bridges, it consists of supports (tooth crowns) either side of the gap where a replacement tooth is fixed to each support (crown). The bridge stays fixed in place and all the bite forces are then placed onto the supporting teeth.

The case below illustrates how effective fixed bridgework can be to replace a missing tooth. We managed to restore the gap, and improve the appearance of the neighbouring teeth on the left side with bridgework. All this was possible over 4 appointments.

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