We Specialise In Correcting Dental Disasters, Whatever Your Dental Problem, We Can Solve It!

Not all dentists are as professional as we would like to believe and many patients are left in pain and/or with major problems with their teeth and gums.

At Specialist Dental Partners we have solved some of the most extreme problems that patients had to endure. In many cases the patient has suffered for many years thinking that nothing can be done

This is not the case, there are very few if any dental disasters that can’t be rectified

If you have a situation whereby you have been told by one dentist that you need additional work you think might be unnecessary or “this is the best we can achieve”. Why don’t you visit Specialist Dental Partners and get a second opinion, we won’t charge you for this consultation and it may just save your teeth.

Call us now on 01763 261129 and book your consultation.

Oral Cancer Screening Is Standard at Specialist Dental Partners

At Specialist Dental Partners, Oral Cancer Screening is standard practice. Oral Cancer is still a big killer in the United Kingdom, but early detection can and normally does mean that it can be treated very easily and successfully, however late detection can result in fatality.

Ensure that every time you see you dentist you are routinely screened for Oral Cancer, or call us now on 01763 261129 and book your consultation.