Children’s Dental Health
We can make a real difference to the dental health of children by making sure that they spend quality time caring for their teeth. We focus on prevention and health education, with the aim of getting them to adulthood without the need for fillings or other aggressive interventions.

Since many children find visiting the dentist a frightening or stressful experience, their most frequent contact at SDP will be with Fiona, our dental therapist. Fiona has a great deal of experience working with children and is good at making them feel relaxed, happy and confident. We recommend that your children visit Fiona regularly, when she will teach them to take responsibility for their teeth, and understand how to look after them properly. Hygiene and prevention are integral to each visit. Using a dental therapist in this way also means that your child can maintain good dental health at a fraction of the usual cost.

Should your child require any major intervention, such a braces, Fiona will be able to identify this quickly, and refer them to one of our dentists, ensuring they receive the right advice and treatment.