Are You Worried About Expensive Dental Care?

Your Low Cost Alternative To NHS Dentistry – SDP BLUE

High quality dentistry, gentle care at HALF THE NORMAL PRICE!

At Specialist Dental Partners we won’t compromise on the quality of care dental care, which unfortunately is what happens much of the time in NHS dentistry.

But we also realise that you want the best dental care at the lowest price available, so we’ve developed SPD BLUE just for you. This is a unique service which cares for your teeth and gums without the need to see the dentist. This is a unique hygiene based service, delivered by our team of hygiene professionals.

We’ve slashed the price of this service to meet your budget. At just £9.25 per month inclusive you can be confident that your teeth and gums are being cared for properly.

With Specialist Dental Partners Blue we guarantee:

  • 6 Monthly Visits
  • Oral Health Screening
  • Dental Check-Ups
  • Dental Hygiene and Prevention
  • Oral Disinfection

Everyone needs routine oral disinfection

We address the problem of oral bacteria spreading to other parts of the body and being implicated in heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease and strokes. Our oral disinfection programme will deal with the bacteria that are known to spread to the heart, lungs, kidneys and cerebral blood vessels.

This unique service is based upon appointments with a dental therapist. All our team are trained and qualified in the UK. 

With SDP BLUE you know you and your family’s dental health is being cared for at an affordable monthly budget of just £9.25.

Start enjoying low cost dental hygiene today

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