Specialist Dental Partners

Specialist Dental Partners is one of the leading dental practices in Cambridge. We take a gentle, holistic approach to our work, with a focus on regular care and maintenance. Our aim is to develop long term relationships with our patients, so that we can get to know them and their health needs in detail. This enables us to maintain good long term oral health for our patients, while minimising any major intervention.

Our team of dentists has over twenty years of experience in the most complex and challenging dental treatments. We regularly treat patients from all over the country, as well as patients who fly in from abroad in order to secure the best possible treatment.

Our complete set of services are explained under each of the headings on our home page. Please click through to read more about how we can help you to maintain good dental health.

SDP Blue
SDP Blue is our screening, maintenance and prevention service. We like to think of this as an updated equivalent of your six monthly check up. It’s a more relaxed, less invasive approach to keeping your teeth healthy, with a focus on good general health and early detection. We recommend this service for everyone, as it limits the amount of time you will need to spend with a dentist. Our more nervous patients tell us it is a more relaxing approach too. Click here to read more.

Dentistry work
SDP has a full team of dentists, qualified in all relevant specialisms. If the need for dental work is identified during your SDP Blue check-up, our therapist will recommend the correct dentist for you to see, and arrange a suitable appointment. Click here to read more.

Children’s dental health
At SDP we appreciate that many children find going to the dentist a difficult experience. We provide an effective, gentle and child-focussed service, with an emphasis on educating children about how best to look after their teeth. We try to make the experience as fun as possible, so children can learn about their teeth in a stress-free environment. Click here to read more.

Facial Aesthetics
Our facial aesthetics work is carried out by Joanne Taylor. Joanne qualified as a nurse at Southampton University in 2001. She now has over 11 years of dedicated experience as an aesthetic nurse practitioner. Joanne conducts a detailed consultation and clinical assessment with each client, making sure that their individual needs are carefully considered. Joanne will then recommend the most appropriate treatment, combining the minimum of intervention with the most effective and natural results. Click here to read more.